The lucky winners of these tags will contribute directly to conservation and sustainably harvest some of the most amazing species on the planet!

Rocky Mountain Elk Movement Patterns in the Gunnison Basin Aren’t What We Thought

While results are still preliminary, it appears the survival rate for cow elk in the Gunnison Basin, excluding hunting-related mortality, is 95.4%. A survival rate above 90% is extremely encouraging!

Montana Chapters Donate Big at Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Biennial Symposium

The Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council (NWSGC) hosted its biennial symposium in Whitefish, Montana this past month and Montana SCI Chapters brought in $2,125 proving themselves to be gracious hosts! The Big Sky State’s SCI Chapters are already known for contributing heavily to wild sheep and goat conservation. This sponsorship is another example of …

Marco Polo Sheep Face New Threats

For 8 years, SCI Foundation has sponsored cutting-edge surveys and studies on Marco Polo Sheep, perhaps the most iconic species in one of the most remarkable places on earth. This ongoing study has three goals, develop models of present-day and potential future distributions of suitable environmental conditions for argali in the eastern Tajikistan mountains, compare …