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SCI Foundation Visits Uganda for Momentous 16th African Wildlife Consultative Forum

Kampala, Uganda – The African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) is being held in Kampala, Uganda from November 13-16, 2018. This year’s AWCF will be our first in Uganda and is the first time Botswana will be attending since 2014.

Montana Chapters Donate Big at Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council Biennial Symposium

The Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council (NWSGC) hosted its biennial symposium in Whitefish, Montana this past month and Montana SCI Chapters brought in $2,125 proving themselves to be gracious hosts! The Big Sky State’s SCI Chapters are already known for contributing heavily to wild sheep and goat conservation. This sponsorship is another example of …

Motivating People, Managing Bears: The 5th International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop

  A bear is running at you at 30 mph, 44 feet per second, if it is 88 feet away, will be on you in 2 seconds flat. Bear spray takes roughly 2-5 seconds to deploy, and while it is roughly 92% effective. Firearms can be easier to use but are often slightly less effective …