Vermont Awarded $50k to Study Moose

Photo Provided by Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department was awarded $50,000 by Safari Club International Foundation to support an ongoing three-year study on the state’s moose herd.

The Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) recently awarded the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department a $50,000 grant in support of an ongoing three-year study the department is conducting on the state’s moose herd. The organization awards grants to “projects with strong potential to contribute to the sustainable management of natural resources or the advance of constructive wildlife research.”

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SCI Foundation has supported other moose research in the Northeast, including New Hampshire’s initial project.

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Vermont’s moose herd has faced an outbreak of a parasite known as winter ticks in recent years, challenging moose conservation efforts in the state. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department initiated study in January to investigate death rates and causes of mortality of cow and calf moose, and to compare their results to similar moose studies in New Hampshire and Maine.

“Moose are an iconic species in Vermont, contributing to the state’s tourist economy, local identity, and the health of our forests,” said Scott Darling of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “We appreciate Safari Club International Foundation’s generous grant and their investment in the future of this species in the northeastern United States.”

Biologists have placed radio collars on 60 moose in the Northeast Kingdom to track their movements. The study is expected to last three years.


“SCI Foundation recognizes the value of moose in the Northeast and the importance of this research to the sustainable management of the species. We are excited to partner with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department,” said Dr. Al Maki, SCI Foundation’s Conservation Committee chairman.


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Thank you to the Hunter Legacy Fund for awarding this grant and allowing us to continue this important research!

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