Black Bear Recovery Helps Restore Healthy Missouri Forests

“This bear was an exceptional bear in my opinion. This was an awesome, awesome bear, a big black bear. He has a big white ‘V’, so he’s got some distinguishing marks. He’s an impressive creature, I think.”

“I’d say he’s 500 pounds. I don’t know how old he is, 8 maybe, but he’s in his prime. I think this is just a result of good habitat. Once bears reach adulthood, they continue to get big and robust like this one. He’s a good bear.”

“When a species like black bear has been absent from a forest for close to a hundred years, the forest itself is not healthy. So when black bears come back, the forest is returning to health–it’s restoring itself, it’s healing itself. That’s the importance of seeing black bears recover, because this forest is one step closer to being a complete healthy forest again, which it has not been for at least a hundred years or more.”

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