Conservation Auction Tags at SCI Convention

Native American tribes are once again donating big game hunting tags to the 45th Annual SCI Convention. SCI Foundation is excited to announce the auction of a Mule Deer tag from the Navajo Nation and a Rocky Mountain Elk tag from the world-famous Acoma Pueblo in west-central New Mexico.


The proceeds generated by this conservation auction go to tribal natural resource agencies to conduct research and management projects in the field. These auction tags have consistently raised awareness on Native American conservation programs and the wildlife they conserve. Ninety percent of the proceeds from the tags go to the tribes’ game departments for habitat enhancement, big game management, and wildlife law enforcement. Hunting is fundamental to Native American culture and a significant part of the reservation economy.

A portion of the money raised by these auctions goes directly back to SCI Foundation to fund our conservation program. These hunts foster a working relationship between hunters, Native Americans and conservationists.

Mule Deer.jpg

This year’s conservation tag auction will be taking place on Friday, February 3rd, in Bayside Hall F at 11:00 am at the 45th Annual SCI Convention in Las Vegas. For more information, go to the SCI Convention website at Hunters please show your commitment to conservation by participating in the 2017 Conservation Auction Tags and win the chance at the hunt of a lifetime!