Wild Harvest Initiative Makes Progress Acquiring Big Data


In a recent update from Conservation Visions Inc., the Wild Harvest Initiative has made significant progress acquiring data from public online sources and jurisdictional representatives. The initiative, funded by SCI Foundation and a coalition of hunting organizations, is working to estimate the value of recreational wild protein harvest from the 15.5 million hunters and 37 million anglers across 69 U.S. states, Canadian provinces and associated territories.

A harvest database is currently being developed into a custom graphical user interface. Once completed, wildlife agencies, researchers, and conservationist can use this information to identify existing gaps and address weaknesses across North American study areas.

Objectives for the next quarter include continuing database development, calculating harvest biomass for select species, collecting more angling harvest data and building additional support for the initiative.


The Wild Harvest Initiative is the first attempt to systematically quantify wild protein harvest on such a large scale and seeks to change the narrative surrounding the importance of modern hunting and fishing. Wild protein harvest is one of the most healthy and ecologically sustainable methods of food procurement, and is an integral part our diet, culture and economy.

This initiative brings together a powerful group of sustainable use supporters. Conservation Visions Inc. is a private conservation organization focused on building boarder coalitions in support of biodiversity and sustainable use.

Learn more about the Wild Harvest Initiative on the Conservation Visions website here and make sure to check out Dr. Shane Mahoney’s latest video Conservation Matters: Building a Coalition Between Hunters and Non Hunters.




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