SCI Foundation Communications Campaign Reaches Millions

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Executive Summary

Safari Club International Foundation commissioned a study, “Economic Contributions of Hunting-Related Tourism in Eastern and Southern Africa,” conducted by Southwick Associates, Inc., a leading market research and economics firm specializing in outdoor industries. The study examined hunter spending in an eight-country area from 2012 to 2014. Their report showed that more than 18,000 hunter tourists visit these countries every year, directly spending $326 million and contributing $426 million to the to the GDP of the eight African economies.

A communications campaign for the release of this technical report and all related materials was coordinated by SCI Foundation. Other materials included an independent article written by Bloomberg Economics, a popular story called The Conservation Equation in Africa which will also be featured in Safari Magazine, a SCI Foundation press release, new webpage, and graphics posted across social media platforms.

SCI Foundation’s press release reached 5.8 million people, circulated by at least 12 different sources. Bloomberg’s readership adds another 1 million in reach, not including the unknown number reached by newspaper and other types of sharing that cannot be calculated. That’s nearly 7 million people, at a conservative estimate, on top of all social media efforts, making this release SCI Foundation’s most successful communications campaign.

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Press Coverage

SCI Foundation’s press release announcing the results of the report reached 5.8 million people by 12 different clips with an ad value of $60,087, coordinated via Howard Communications and internal sources. Southwick Associates, Inc. sent out a separate delayed press release, emailed to an additional 3,967 people, though other sources and data are not available.

Bloomberg Article

A South African journalist with Bloomberg Economics covered the report with an article titled “Hunters’ Answer to Cecil the Lion Outrage is That We Create 53,000 Jobs”, reaching another 1 million people through Bloomberg’s readership. Many news outlets picked up this article, including newspapers and international sources, adding an unknown number of additional people reached.


The release was promoted with the webpage that redirected to SCI Foundation’s website. The webpage hosts all related content including the Bloomberg article, The Conservation Equation in Africa story, Southwick’s technical report, and an infographic. The webpage has so far received:

  • 2,714 page views; of which
  • 90% visited Southwick’s technical report

First for Wildlife Blog

3 blog updates were posted including the adapted press release, infographic and edited version of The Conservation Equation in Africa story. These blog posts have so far received:


sci-the-conservation-equation (8)

Facebook   SCI Foundation – Conservation Page

  • Updated cover photo
  • 24 posts including articles, blogs, infographics, and other content
  • 35,350 total people reached with 878 total shares

Twitter   @SCIFoundation                                                                                                                         

  • Updated header photo
  • 13 tweets including blog posts, infographics, and other content
  • 9,047 total impressions with 205 total engagements

Instagram   @scifoundation                                                           

  • 12 posts including pictures, infographics and other visual graphics
  • 317 total likes

*Statistics valid as of July 26, 2016. Does not include data from SCI Hunter Advocacy social media efforts.

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