Conservation Auction Tags Raise $92,000 for Wildlife!


Thank you to everyone who participated in today’s Conservation Tag Auction! With your support, we raised $92,000 that will be directed back into conservation on tribal lands. The 2016 Conservation Tags included:

White Mountain Apache Elk: $50,000

Navajo Nation Mule Deer: $19,000

Acoma Pueblo Elk: $23,000

Total: $92,000

This auction and these tags continue to raise awareness on the conservation work done by Native American tribes. Click here to learn more about our Native American partners and their successful conservation programs. Thanks!


Twice a week, SCI Foundation informs readers about conservation initiatives happening worldwide and updates them on SCI Foundation’s news, projects and events. Tuesdays are dedicated to an Issue of the Week and Thursday’s Weekly Updates will provide an inside look into research and our other science-based conservation efforts. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more SCI Foundation news.

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