American Wilderness Leadership School




Several educators take part in a Safari Club International Foundation’s American Wilderness Leadership School stream ecology lessons near Jackson, Wyoming.

The quest for knowledge never ends for most educators, even when it brings them to boot camp.  Safari Club International Foundation’s American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) near Jackson, Wyoming, provides an outdoor and hands-on learning experience of a lifetime that is both as challenging and exciting as it is educational.

Two recent AWLS “boot camp” graduates are George and Corrine Linck, educators from the Washington School District of Washington, Pennsylvania, who reflected on their AWLS experience.

“It was just unbelievable,” George Linck said. “There were no breaks. It was like a college football camp. But there were 28 teachers from across the country that were right in step with it.”

As part of the eight-day workshop, teachers were offered hands-on lessons focused around the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation as well as lessons on conservation education. In addition to conservation education, teachers are taught survival training, stream entomology and a number of other useful skills they could take home to their own students.

“It was everything I expected and more,” George Linck said. “Our days flew by and they were pretty overwhelming.”

The AWLS program creates a cooperative learning experience that encourages educators from across the country to share their different experiences and teaching successes that benefit the entire group.  For example, teachers from Oklahoma shared the success of competitive archery classes in their schools, an idea George Linck will bring to his own school district.

Following the completion of their course work, the Lincks spent another six days at Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Hopefully, this entire experience will be one that the Lincks never forget and incorporate into their own curriculum.

Safari Club International has a network of chapters formed by hunters.  These chapters do their own grass roots conservation and education programs, and some sponsor teachers to attend AWLS.  The SCI National Chapter and the SCI Three State Chapter were proud sponsors of George and Corrine.  To learn more about attending the AWLS program, contact Todd Roggenkamp at


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