Don’t Miss SCI Foundation’s Holiday Auction!!

This holiday season SCI Foundation will be auctioning off two hunting opportunities with proceeds going toward conservation efforts. The auction will be held online from December 18th through January 4th. A description of the items are below. caribouAlaska Range Caribou Tag (Bid Here!) SCI Foundation is partnering with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to auction an Alaska Range Caribou Tag (DC827). Here is a fabulous opportunity to hunt a bull caribou in central Alaska. This hunt area is 20A, the Central Alaska Range, which is bounded by the west bank of the Delta River, the north bank of the Tanana River and the east bank of the Nenana River. Caribou move through the area regularly in mid-September. The season takes place from August 10 through September 20, 2015. This auction is for a hunting tag only; no accommodations, meals, outfitting arrangements, licenses, etc. are included and all costs in addition to the tag are the responsibility of the buyer. For more information please consult the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website or Don Young at (907) 459-7233 or Tony Hollis at (907) 459-7256 at the Game Management Unit. Funds generated from the purchase will be used for on-the-ground wildlife conservation efforts by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and SCI Foundation. Tajikistan Ibex7-14 Day Tajikistan Mid-Asian Ibex Hunt (Bid Here!) Experience a memorable hunt and contribute to nature conservation by purchasing a mid-Asian ibex hunt in Tajikistan. Horn lengths of more than 40 inches are the rule for large males. Guides select ibex at least 8 years or older animals to maintain genetic fitness in the conservation areas. The hunt can take place anytime from September to December 2015. The auction is for the entire hunting trip from/to the Dushanbe airport including transportation, accommodation, meals, guides, interpreters, firearm import/export permit, hunting permit, veterinary certificate, and initial handling of trophies. It does not include international flights, visa, alcoholic beverages, tips, or trophy shipment. Funds generated from this hunt will benefit community-based conservation efforts by the conservancy Ravmeddara managed by the NGO Parcham and SCI Foundation conservation programs. Community-based trophy hunting brings income to local people, motivating them to protect the resource through sustainable-use. Hunting revenue supports community rangers, nature guides and local development projects such as schools, clinics, wells, bridges, etc. The community hunting guides grew up in these mountains and take great pride in obtaining a fine trophy for visiting international hunters. Hunters learn about Tajikistan culture as they are hosted by Pamiri people and stay in traditional Pamiri homes or yurts. TO ACCESS THE AUCTION WEBSITE CLICK HERE!!!! For more information contact Michelle Tacconelli at (202) 543-8733 or

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