Weekly Update: AWCF Set for First Week of November


The 13th meeting of the African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) is fast approaching! This year’s meeting will be held November 2 – 7 in Hawassa, Ethiopia hosted by the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority and sponsored by SCI Foundation. The AWCF is a week-long meeting where African governments come together to collaborate and discuss their wildlife management conservation efforts.

This is the only meeting of its kind where each country has the opportunity to compare approaches to wildlife management, discuss important African conservation issues and highlight sustainable use as a management priority.

This year the meeting will focus on equitable benefits sharing and the economics of sustainable use in Africa. Other discussions will focus on lions, elephants, trade in rhino horn and international trade in wildlife.

For the first time a representative from the European Union (EU) will be able to attend the meeting. They will be presenting on regulation changes made to importation of hunted animals and their efforts to combat wildlife trafficking in the EU. These discussions will help improve the understanding of the new EU regulations and strengthen the cooperation between the EU and Africa to help stop poaching and wildlife trafficking.

The AWCF is one of the largest capacity building programs supported by SCI Foundation and is a cornerstone to SCI Foundation’s conservation work in Africa. It began more than 12 years ago as a way to help the sub-Saharan African countries meet and collaborate on international wildlife policy and conservation issues. It continues as a forum for collaboration between many nations to help aid in decision-making. No one country can solve regional conservation problems alone; it requires interaction and cooperation at many levels, and the AWCF provides an opportunity for Africa’s conservation leaders to do just that. We are excited for all that will be accomplished at this year’s meeting.

The conservation staff will be sending out live updates from Ethiopia throughout the meeting so be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page! Also, make sure you check our blog to learn about our conservation Issue of the Week and get an in depth look at what’s happening at our meeting in our Weekly Update!

Twice a week, SCI Foundation informs readers about conservation initiatives happening worldwide and updates them on SCI Foundation’s news, projects and events. Tuesdays are dedicated to an Issue of the Week and Thursday’s Weekly Updates will provide an inside look into research and our other science-based conservation efforts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more SCI Foundation news. 

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