SCI Foundation Works With Veterans

disabled hunt

Today, we remember and honor all those lost in the tragic events of September 11th. The losses that occurred will never be forgotten. Through our humanitarian programs, SCI Foundation and SCI Chapters work to recognize veterans for their sacrifices and are dedicated to showing veterans the sincere gratitude they deserve.

Recently, our Veterans Committee visited Arlington cemetery to place a Safari Club wreath in front of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Participants commented that they felt humbled and overwhelmingly grateful to the fallen soldiers for whom they had laid the wreath. Shortly after, five members of the Veterans Committee gratefully attended Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Members spoke with two wounded soldiers, sharing their unwavering support and gifting them with Veteran’s Challenge Coins as well as literature on SCI Foundation’s Veteran’s Committee and its activities.

Members also informed the soldiers that local SCI Chapters show their support and commitment to all Veterans by hosting hunting and fishing trips and other shooting events at no cost to Veterans. They also spoke about our Disabled Hunters Program.

Since its founding, SCI Foundation and a network of SCI chapters around the world have created partnerships to support the Disabled Hunter program. Our member’s generous contributions have made it possible for SCI Foundation and Freedom Hunters to place wounded warriors all over the world on private and supportive hunting and fishing trips.

“Unfortunately, many of our loved ones, friends and neighbors are inhibited by physical disability, depression and PTSD, but these brave men and women deserve much better,” Bob Adwar, a guide and mentor for Disabled Hunter explained. “The participants at these events come to us with heavy hearts, but when you get them in a duck blind or in the middle of a river with a fly rod, the transformation is instantaneous. They loosen up, they are smiling and they are happy! Every time I see that transformation, I remember why this work is so important.”

The success of the effort has attracted many other nonprofit organizations that are focused on helping veterans, wounded warriors, and other disabled family members. We are proud to support such a special program and encourage everyone to get involved.

Interested volunteers and wounded warriors can reach Freedom Hunters at 303-884-0059 or

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