Weekly Update: A Glimpse in to the Studio

As SCI Foundation’s Artist of the Year Cynthie Fisher finishes the final touches on this year’s painting, we asked for a sneak peek into her studio to follow her finishing touches on this year’s masterpiece.


Ms. Fisher tells us that once her initial layout is established and general sketches are in place, she paints the entire scene with acrylic paints. This allows her to create a foundation for the final painting. She states that the layer of color allows her to visualize the final piece, which always involves many other stages to refine the details.

“I paint on a drafting table, using an easel later on when I’m repainting the piece in oils. I continue here to create my scene in acrylics, glancing at all these various photo sources from time to time to make sure I’m getting the colors and light sources correct,” Fisher says. I like the way the golden light on the buck compliments the lavender in the brush behind him, and make a conscious decision to play on that pleasing contrast in color.”

Cynthie uses plenty of reference material when creating her landscapes. She has multiple large files on deer, and also on habitats. The files contain photos for various background elements, like fence posts, birch trees and hedge rows as well as multiple pictures of wildlife to better capture their stance and movement. These tools help her develop the scenery of her works by drawing from past experiences in the field.

“I start to feel like I’m there, a part of the scene, and I try to make it seem believable. That is what makes my work somewhat unique. It’s great to have a terrific photo to work from, but I rarely have just the one I want, and I derive a lot of satisfaction from creating a scene that only exists in my mind, based on a lifetime of experience,” Fisher states.

first coat

“Right now this piece is “rough”, just a color sketch for what the finished piece may look like. I can easily make changes later, or add more to it,” says Cynthie. I usually like to let the piece sit for a bit, so I can study it, notice things to change, see if anything bugs me or needs revision.”

We now leave the artist to her craft. SCI Foundation is excited to see the final piece that will be auctioned for wildlife conservation.  Keep checking in to find out more about Cynthie and to see the final painting!

Cynthie Fisher’s painting will be auctioned off at the 2015 Annual Hunter Convention in February. Learn more about the Artist of the Year Program here. To see more of Cynthie Fisher’s work, visit her website at: http://www.fisherart.com/

Twice a week, SCI Foundation informs readers about conservation initiatives happening worldwide and updates them on SCI Foundation’s news, projects and events. Tuesdays are dedicated to an Issue of the Week and Thursday’s Weekly Updates will provide an inside look into research and our other science-based conservation efforts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more SCI Foundation news. 

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