Weekly Update: Cynthie Fisher Finishes First Sketches Of This Year’s Painting

deer sketch

SCI Foundation’s Artist of the Year, Cynthie Fisher, has begun the initial stages of her painting that will be auctioned off at the 2014 Annual Hunter’s Convention. SCI Foundation had the oportunity to speak with Cynthie about her composition process.

When asked about her initial sketch she said, “when I try to come up with a pleasing design and composition of a wildlife painting, it really helps to recall some of my experiences from a hunting point of view, and then I sketch up a scene I either witnessed, or more often, WISH I had seen while in the field!”

This year’s painting will feature a white-tailed buck, and continue the North American Game Series.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods and meadows, chasing white-tails or waiting for them to appear. More often than not, I’m left with my imagination to fill in the possibilities,” Fisher said. “For this piece, I decided to focus on a really nice big buck emerging from the woods and pausing to check for danger before joining a few does in a field. I wanted to portray the caution and deliberation of a big buck, wary at all times, making sure the coast is clear before making a move.”

initial lay-in

A signature of Fisher’s artwork is her use of lighting. She explained that she went through many different lighting options before deciding on the perfect rays.

“Since I am creating this painting from my imagination, I am free to choose the light direction, time of day, and background elements. I use acrylics to determine the colors and light angle. I actually switched my light direction for the piece and ended up covering this deer up and starting over…ugh. That happens occasionally, but it’s worth the time to get my vision right. You can see my acrylic palette and the tracing of the buck, which I transfer to the board using a charcoal layer on the back.”

Cynthie hopes to finish this spectacular painting by mid-July. Stay tuned for more updates as we watch her amazing composition develop.

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