SCI Foundation 12th Annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum To Spotlight Solutions For Poaching

On November 3, 2013 the 12th annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) began in Livingstone, Zambia. The AWCF, sponsored by Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation), will host high ranking officials from more than 10 African countries. Other representatives include the professional hunting associations and non-governmental organizations who will address Africa’s most pressing conservation and poaching related policy issues.

“On behalf of the SCI Foundation, our many partners, and the international conservationists we work with, we are delighted to be hosting the African Wildlife Consultative Forum in Zambia,” SCI Foundation President Joe Hosmer said. “Zambia recognizes that a collaborative conservation effort across a multitude of nations requires decision-makers to regularly interact and the AWCF provides an opportunity for Africa’s conservation leaders to do just that.”

Rising poaching incidents place immense pressure on the land managers, government officials, and professional guides throughout Africa to create solutions to this difficult problem. Through the AWCF, SCI Foundation collaborates with attendees on anti-poaching efforts that are successful in combating poachers. Unlike more well-known conservation organizations, SCI Foundation is committed to making sure real solutions are created in the countries with the most need.

Important AWCF Agenda items include discussions on elephant ivory trade, collaborative and multi-country anti-poaching efforts, African lion status, Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) planning, and President Barack Obama’s Executive Order to combat organized illicit trade in wildlife. Tom De Meulenaer, of the CITES Secretariat, will present and open discussion on the issue of trade in elephant ivory and CITES matters.

Other speakers include, Tamesha Woular from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, who will provide an overview and lead a discussion on President Obama’s Executive Order on Illegal Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking. Ms. Woulard will discuss the Executive Order’s implementation and collaboration with African nations.  Additionally, Elly Hamunyela, Namibia’s Deputy Director of Wildlife Utilization, will present the findings of a CITES driven international status review of the African lion. Ms. Hamunyela will provide recommendations on the status of African lions for consideration by CITES.

About the AWCF: The AWCF is one of the largest activities supported by the SCI Foundation Conservation Committee and brings together most of the hunting countries in sub-Saharan Africa for a week-long forum to discuss a wide range of wildlife management, conservation and hunting priorities. Learn more at


Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, and outdoor education. Since 2000, SCIF has provided over $50 million to these causes around the world.
Visit the SCI Foundation’s website at for more information on how you can contribute to international conservation.

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