SCI Foundation Anti-Poaching Program

The indiscriminate poaching of wildlife species is a crime around the world.  Too often the name of “hunter” is attached to the abhorrent acts of poaching. As ardent hunter-conservationists this could not be further from the truth.  In fact, as a group, hunters help pave the way for responsible wildlife management by paying their way and adhering to game regulations.  Whether it is the quail hunter in Texas or the Cape buffalo hunter in Africa, hunters shoulder a significant amount of the funding needed to help manage healthy wildlife populations.

Each year, SCI Foundation provides additional funding and expertise to help combat corruption and poaching–especially in Africa.  Yet, much remains to be done to make a larger positive impact and see the trend reversed.  Collaboration and sharing resources is critical to improve the plight of many species.


Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) has….

  • Awarded multiple grants to land conservancies in Southern Africa that serve as important reserves for rhinoceros including Savé Valley (Lowveld) Conservancy and Bubye Valley Conservancy.
  • Provided over $80,000 over the last several years to fund rangers, aircraft, trail cameras, telemetry equipment and other tools to combat the increase in poaching in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • Allocated $25,000 to Chiredzi River Conservancy to promote its anti-poaching activities through the deployment of Game Scouts (anti-poaching rangers) that patrol the conservancy.
  • Empowered the Friedkin Conservation Fund (Tanzania) to conduct surveillance flights with microlight aircraft ($25,000). The microlight covers more than 9 million acres of protected areas.
  • Partnered with The WILD Foundation since 2011 to fight rhino poaching in South Africa through the Rhino Informant Incentive Fund (RIIF). $5,000 was designated as the start-up capital for the program.
  • Worked with StealthCam and Boyt Harness Company to deliver 30 trail cameras to the Tanzanian Government for protected area surveillance.


SCI Foundation is currently investigating new partnerships to bring advanced drone technology to track illegal activity in Africa and employ scent-detection dogs in the apprehension of illegal wildlife traffickers smuggling items like ivory and horn. Furthermore, collaboration is needed to break down the demand for illicit wildlife parts through public education and outreach.

Please consider making a contribution to SCI Foundation so that anti-poaching initiatives can be bolstered to combat poachers throughout the continent. Help our organization leverage your dollars for larger grants to combat poaching in Africa.


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