The Boreal Forest

Linda has been hard at work and has just about completed the background composition that makes up the enormous landscape of the painting. As seen below, it is magnificent. Every time you look at it you notice a new detail that you might have missed when you first glanced at the painting.


The water looks like it is shining from the sun’s glare. Linda has captured the intricate details that define the boreal forest, the spruce and fir trees intermixed with boggy marshes and seeps.

The boreal forest is one of the most extensive biomes on the planet.  It covers more than 1.2 billion hectares directly south of the Arctic Circle.  Generally, the forest is characterized by conifer trees, but there are also many shrubs, moss and lichen that have adapted to living in this sometimes harsh environment.  Many different  animal species utilize it through out their lives, including 200 different species of breeding birds and many of the species that SCI Foundation studies, like coyotes, black bear, wolves, wood bison, and of course caribou.

Linda encountered these caribou, referred to as woodland caribou, on one of her adventures to Labrador, Canada. She will be telling her story of her up-close and personal encounter on her blog as she continues working on her spectacular painting.

Linda hard at work on her Conservation Artist of the Year caribou painting.
Linda hard at work on her Conservation Artist of the Year caribou painting.

Follow all the updates on Linda’s progress here, on her blog, and on the SCI Foundation website, as she prepares to start work on all the caribou featured in her painting.

To find more information about the Conservation Artist of the Year award and past  winners go to

One Reply to “The Boreal Forest”

  1. Wonderful art.…a true labor of love expressing such natural beauty reflecting our ecosystem in landscape and wild life together. We can only hope and pray that people get the real picture and protect the boreal forest!

    Brad Follett, Founder/President
    Earth Month Network

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