Caribou on the Landscape

Linda has completed the composition of the piece. She talks about the process of reworking her drawing  in her blog post from Sunday, April 14th. It is a complex process with such a large artwork, and it is important that she gets all the proportions correct.


Nevertheless, the caribou look stunning and there is an exquisite allure to the scene that has been set.  She has now moved on to completing the large-as-life landscape.


Follow all the updates on Linda’s progress here, on her blog, and on the SCI Foundation website.

To find more information about the Conservation Artist of the Year award and past  winners go to

Side note:  SCI Foundation participates in an ongoing research project in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that aims to examine the relationship between woodland caribou calf recruitment and predator management.   The research includes caribou research and monitoring, explicit research on predator ecology and predator-prey dynamics, and the implementation of experimental trials to reduce predation pressure on calves. Behavior and habitat use of both caribou and their predators will also be monitored throughout the experiment. This work will contribute to the ability to evaluate conservation, management and sustainable-use strategies across Newfoundland.


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