A Huge Painting for a Huge Audience

At the end of February SCI Foundation had the pleasure of introducing Linda Besse as the 2014 Conservation Artist of the Year. She is an accomplished artist and conservationist based in Mead, Washington. Linda has traveled all over the world and exhibits her paintings at the Annual SCI Hunters’ Convention.

SCI Foundation is excited to say that Linda has started work on her original caribou painting. And it is going to be huge! How big? To find out check out Linda’s blog post from Thursday April 4, 2013. She will be providing detailed updates on her painting as she progresses through the massive undertaking all the way to the finished product as it is auctioned at the 42nd Annual SCI Hunters’ Convention at the Mandalay Bay Resort,  in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Follow all the updates on Linda’s progress here, on her blog, and on the SCI Foundation website.

To find more information about the Conservation Artist of the Year award and past  winners go to www.safariclubfoundation.org/artist/.

An example of Linda's work. Entitled "Moving Forward"
An example of Linda’s work. Entitled “Moving Forward”

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