CITES Dateline – Bangkok, Monday, March 4, 2013

sci_scif logoRhino Export Ban Proposal

Kenya is likely to withdraw the ban.  SCI and SCI Foundation delegations are actively lobbying to defeat this issue.  SCI and SCI Foundation have heard that at a meeting of all the African countries this morning Kenya was sharply criticized for their proposal to ban all white rhino hunting trophy exports from South Africa and will probably withdraw it.

Elephant Moratorium Proposal

May  be withdrawn by Kenya.  This was an attempt to keep countries with government stores of found ivory from natural mortality to ask for permission to sell the ivory to benefit elephant conservation.  Kenya has pushed for years to kill the entire legal ivory market, arguing that it encourages poaching.  Southern African countries with large elephant populations want permission to sell the ivory to help fund their elephant conservation programs.  Four countries that have gotten this permission in the past have agreed to a moratorium for several years, but there are other countries with government stockpiles that would like to sell them.  Kenya was heavily criticized and may withdraw this proposal.

Polar Bear Proposal Still Alive and Kicking

SCI and SCI Foundation’s sources indicate that the U.S. is making a high level political effort to save its proposal to list the polar bear on Appendix I (endangered).  Despite the fact that the experts agree that there is no scientific basis for the U.S. proposal. The word in the hall is that the European Union block of 28 countries may crumble and may support the proposal.  Canada, which has 60 to 80% of the world’s polar bears, remains adamant that the U.S. should withdraw the proposal.

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