Call for Applications: 2013 Foundation Matching Grants Program

Our chapters play a significant role for SCI by funding and administering numerous annual wildlife conservation projects. The purpose of the SCI Foundation Matching Grant Program is to help SCI Chapters support opportunities which further the mission of SCI/F through conservation, education and humanitarian services projects.

This year alone, SCI Foundation has contributed $20,000 to chapters to help further their philanthropic pursuits, however, an additional $20,000 went unclaimed due to lack of applicants.

Here are some of the recent projects to receive Matching Grant funds:

  • $1,000 to the Great Plains Chapter (Kansas) to support the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism with the Bobwhite Quail Initiative.
  • $2,000 each to the Four Corners (Colorado) and the Lansing Area SCI Chapters to purchase black bear GPS collars for tracking by their respective wildlife agencies.
  • $1,250 to the North Texas Chapter to support Operation Game Thief, an anti-poaching program in Texas.
  • $2,000 each to the West Michigan Bowhunters and Detroit SCI Chapters (Michigan) to support the continued predator-prey studies by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The list above only accounts for a small number of the SCI Foundation Matching Grants to Chapter projects.

Conservation Matching Grants help SCI Chapters accomplish conservation projects that further the mission of SCI/F.  At the same time, they build partnerships with state and federal agencies, organizations and other SCI Chapters. SCI Foundation as an organization is proud to fund Chapter projects because it enhances the visibility of how hunters are seriously involved with conservation.

Conservation efforts include those projects that lead to the sustainable management of natural resources.  The trend today is to consider conservation not only in terms of huntable game populations but also the maintenance of functioning ecosystems, which sustains quality habitat for all wildlife species.  Hunters have always been in the forefront of conservation. Since costs associated with conservation efforts are escalating, no one organization can individually shoulder the burden to conserve wildlife.  Public/private coalitions are quickly becoming a mode by which significant projects can be implemented.  In addition, joining with other organizations or SCI Chapters that have similar interests or even with some groups we agree with only in part, becomes a way to reach across political boundaries.  Such coalitions allow SCI/F to form and to participate in associations which further its mission of on-the-ground conservation.

In order to be eligible for Matching Grant funds from SCI Foundation, a Chapter must be in good standing with SCI, having fulfilled their 30% contribution to the organization. 2013 Matching Grant applications and detailed information can be obtained on the SCI Foundation website:

We are interested to hear what projects your chapter is working with, so send us an update to: Marcus Gray at

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